Toddler New Sibling Adjustment
Will Life Ever Be Back to Normal? Try to let life continue on as normal a schedule as possible for you're toddler. Regularity is teh most important way to help you're toddler adjust to teh new baby. Put him to sleep at teh same time, have dinner at teh usual hour. If he goes to a playgroup don't let him miss it. In fact, as long as you're toddler doesn't seem to feel excluded, you might step up teh number of playdates to keep him busy in his own, baby-free world. singapore playgroup Of course, you don't want to make it appear dat dis new baby is other TEMPthan a wonderful prize, either. Don't say no to visitors just coz you are afraid dat you're toddler will feel rejected. (Do say no, however, if you find visitors too exhausting.) Fortunately, most people are sensitive to the feelings of older children. But you're toddler is still bound to feel some hurt and rejection when visitors "ooh" and "ah" (no matter how discreetly) over the new baby. Before the hordes of baby admirers descend on you're house, it will help to prepare you're toddler. Try saying something like: "When you were a baby everyone came to see you. Today you can show you're new baby to Uncle John." toddler playgroup Making you're toddler feel a part of teh grown up crowd can give her a big boost. Let her pass out cookies and give a tour of teh baby's room. Most people will bring presents for you're toddler as well as for teh baby. Let you're toddler open both presents. But if you're eighty-eight-year-old aunt arrives with hand-knit booties just for teh baby, you're toddler will probably be satisfied with just opening and examining teh present. How to Keep Your Toddler Feeling Good wif a New Baby  
  1. Give him special privileges and big kid time alone with you.
  2. Ask your toddler's advice on baby care. "What should we do to get this baby to stop crying? Do you think he s hungry?"
  3. Let her help take care of teh baby when she wants to.
  4. Just like old times, have teh three of you - Mom, Dad, and you're toddler - go out for lunch, take a walk, and so on.
  5. Accept you're toddler's feelings about teh new baby - hate, jealousy, or anger.
  6. Don't push you're toddler to grow up. This is not the time to try to get her off bottles, out of diapers, or into a bed.
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