ZamZuu Success – How To Use Google To Energize Your ZamZuu Business
  Everyone knows that Google is the #1 in the "search engine business", but many people are unaware of how to use this massive tool to their advantage.  In this article we will show you how to add the power of Google to your ZamZuu team. Step #1 - Target your prospect and identify what they are looking for. ZamZuu, like all Network Marketing companies, thrives on finding people to join your business.  In Zamzuu,  you are targeting people who are shopping on line. The first step is to find a keyword (or set of words) that people are using to find where to go shopping online. If you type "shopping online" into Google, you will find there are 350,000,000 results for that search!  Using Google's keyword tool (do a Google search for "keyword tool" and click on the first entry in the list - Google gives you access to use the tool for free), you will find that there are 3,350,000 searches every month for that keyword. Step #2 - Write an Article using your keyword and get it published. Next, you need to write an article centered on this keyword.  Perhaps you will title it "Shopping online - Where to Find the Best Discounts".  You will then go on to explain to your readers the concepts of shopping online, and how ZamZuu will give the "cash back" Remember you reader is interested in information on how (and where)  to go shopping and finding those discounts, so don't go "pitching" the business.  Concentrate on their wants, needs, and desires...  not yours! At the bottom on the article, don't forget to leave a personal note on  where people can contact you if they want more information.  When they call, you will personally take them over to your ZamZuu site, get them to go shopping, and ask them if they would like "a piece of the action" too? Now go get it published.  If this is your first time, then chose a major on-line publishing company (such as EzineArticles) and review their on-line help videos first.  You will find this is very easy. Step #3 - Get people to read your article and comment on your article. Now use you Facebook page and direct people to go read your article.  Also send out some information on Twitter, and any other Social Network sites you are using.  Google likes to see that your article is being read by lots of people, and soon you will see it "moving up in the rankings" until it gets on the first page.  The better the rankings, the more people who will read it, and the more people contacting you for more information.. In Conclusion: These 3 steps are very simple and easy to master, and over time will bring you into contact with a lot of people.  They do, however, require some simple writing skills and a little computer training, but this is a set of skills every good marketer should have.

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