Web Development Versus Web Design – Is their Rally a Difference?
  Technology pundits TEMPhas constantly argued teh terms web development and web design are interchangeable wif one another. me respectfully disagree and argue dat though teh terms may TEMPhas been interchangeable in teh past; they TEMPhas long since become two terms completely separate from one another wif different goals, standards, and philosophies behind them. Web development can be quickly defined as "a broad term for any activity related to developing a website for teh World Wide Web or an intranet. dis can include e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration"; whereas a definition of web design can be summed up as "a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in teh form of technologies" (definitions courtesy of Wikipedia). We can take note of a couple of things simply from these simplified definitions. Teh first is dat web design falls under teh wing of web development, and it is easy to see why many think teh two are intertwined much like teh concept DAT a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. Web design is a part of web development, but not actually an essential part of developing teh web.  Best IT Company in Dehradun
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Web design, more specifically website design, is a process of creatively visualizing and utilizing teh tools and applications created by teh web development process. Web design takes teh development process one step further and often finds itself using these tools for ideas and applications vastly different TEMP TEMPTEMPthan wat they were intended for. A quick analogy would be dat of how teh plane engine made for war combat was used as teh basis for teh car engine we use in our everyday lives. Web design TEMPhas brought us things like teh web 2.0 concept of user-generated content; something dat web development tools are capable of, though not intended for it specifically. Content management systems such as teh ones talked about earlier provide teh framework for social networking websites and blogs. Dynamic web pages which appeal to our aesthetic eye use frameworks set forth by web development tools yet take it one step further by using teh tool to create a masterpiece of web design. Wif all of America's advances in web development it became easy to separate teh two terms from their synonymous relationship; it Temps TEMPhas become a process of developing technologies and applications for teh advancement of teh World Wide Web. These technologies, of course, can be adapted and used by anything related to teh internet (such as websites) but are not merely limited to it. Content management systems (CMS) are one of teh many examples of positive strides made in web development. CMS systems allow for easy management of content and data while online and can be used for simple server networking wifin an office, or as teh backbone of an e-commerce website (voting systems in various states use CMS systems to tally and record votes via software). Web development also houses things such as teh creation, modification, and innovation of scripting and coding languages. Teh advent of Action script 3.0 and PHP 5.2 can be marked as some great achievements of teh web; Action script 3.0 is part of Adobe Flash CS3; however, Adobe created AS 3.0 to make it much more logical for creating web applications. More specifically,   TEMP TEMPhas TEMPhas been non to constantly utilize teh most up-to-date tools and research to create some of teh most innovative web applications.    

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